Longer Break Lets Students Breathe

Mount Greylock’s new school brings with it a new schedule. Among the several changes to the flow of the school day is a longer morning break. This sixteen-minute long period of the day, while at first glance seeming not that long at all, has an important impact on students’ new school experiences. So much more can be accomplished with a little addition. As sophomore Oscar Low puts it, “It’s good.”

The reaction to the break has been mostly positive. Some students, however, feel that the break may be taking away from Directed Study, which is five minutes shorter this year. An important  reason for the break, as Ms. MacDonald has explained, is to help the new “no eating in the academic wing” policy hold; students now have time to get out of the academic wing and enter the portion of the school where eating is allowed, as opposed to just eating in the halls. To give the students an incentive to get downstairs, the cafeteria is currently serving food during break. Options include a sausage wrapped in a pancake on a stick and little boxes of cereal (Cinnamon Toast Crunch and such).

The break also gives students a time to relax in the middle of an often hectic academic day. The new schedule doesn’t give too much room to breathe, at least for the middle schoolers, who have four class periods straight during the day. The break helps to restrain this sometimes stressful atmosphere. Says junior Nicole Overbaugh, “it’s not all academic, academic, academic; you actually get a chance to relax.”

Hopefully, the new break will give students a chance to go downstairs and eat, catch up with friends, and maybe talk to a teacher or two. Karen McComish, who had just burst into song in the middle of the hallway, claimed that “It’s a good time to develop my blossoming musicality. And, you know, eat my granola bar.”

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