Wellness Staff Hosts Sock Hop

On Friday, April 7th, Mt. Greylock students celebrated the final high school dance in the current gymnasium before renovations and construction get underway. The Mt. Greylock gym teachers and threw a 50s style “Sock Hop,” both to help fund the National Parks trip and as a send-off to the gym that has been home to over fifty graduating classes. The dance also served as a culmination of “dance week,” in which gym classes learned both modern and old-timey dances, from folk-style line dances, such as the Virginia reel, and basic partner dances, like swing, to new-age moves like the Wobble. Many of these choreographed dances were busted out over the course of the night. Because of this, the Sock Hop was a bit more organized than the typical mob-scenes that one can see at Homecoming or Snowball. Additionally, the concession stand, which served root beer floats and other various goodies, was popular among attendees. In a crowd predominantly consisting of underclassmen, students packed the beloved gym for one last time on a memorable night. While attendance was not as high as other dances this year, those who attended were treated to a fun night with their friends.

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