Workout Wednesday: Week 1

Clara McWeeny, Managing Editor

Welcome to the first edition of workout Wednesday!  With the gym closed and spring sports postponed, many of us are itching to get back outside and get moving. For those of us who are enjoying the time off (I am definitely not missing the 8 am soccer games in Boston), it is still important to remain active. This can benefit both our physical and mental health, and can also serve as an opportunity to get outside for a little bit of the day – six feet away from anyone else, of course. On Wednesdays, we will provide you with all different types of exercises, ranging from yoga to tabata to cardio. Many of these are adapted to be done inside. Find any open surface and lay down a yoga mat or a beach towel. Use this time off as an opportunity to try new workouts, get sweaty, and take your mind off the stress of the outside world. Enjoy!

Begin with a 20 minute vinyasa flow to help get the blood moving and to center the body


Throw on your sneakers and go on a quick, 1-2 mile run. This can be done outside or on a treadmill at a 7.5 speed, with an incline of your choice. 

Next, move onto a quick  leg circuit

  • 20 wide leg squats
  • 20 lunges
  • 30 step ups (these can be done on a couch or a chair)
  • Squat jumps (30 seconds)
  • Skater Lunges (30 seconds)
  • Wall sit (30 seconds)

Repeat 2-3 times

Finish off with some abs

  • 50 Russian twists
  • 40 crunches
  • 30 sit ups
  • 10 genies 
  • Plank (1 minute)

Repeat 2x

Make sure to stretch, grab some water, and wash your hands when you are done!