2017 Prom

On Tuesday, May 30th, Mt. Greylock held its senior prom at the Berkshire Hills Country Club in Pittsfield. The seniors and their dates had to deal with unfortunate rainy weather while taking pictures. A majority of them took pictures at the ‘62 Center Theater on the Williams College campus as opposed to the typical location, The Clark Art Museum. Due to rain, the walk-ins also had to be done inside, with the first couple walking at 6:15 pm. All of the students lined up and when announced with their dates, proceeded to walk down a carpet through the crowds of family and friends taking pictures. The prom had a Caribbean theme, including decorations of palm trees, coconuts, seashells and bottles of sand. At the end of the night, Simon Kent was named prom king and Serena Chow was nominated to be the queen. The court also included Crow Brennan and Caroline Carlough as the runners up and Devin Pelletier and Niku Darafshi as second runners up.

Click here for iBerkshires photos of the 2017 Greylock prom walk-ins.

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