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The Student News Site of Mount Greylock Regional High School

The Greylock Echo

The Student News Site of Mount Greylock Regional High School

The Greylock Echo


The Many Facets of the Prism Concert

Rafa Mason April 1, 2024

On Tuesday, March 12, the Mount Greylock Orchestra, band and chorus assembled in the school auditorium for the Prism concert: 100 students, 200 community members, 12 songs, one hour. The only stops for...

Spring Drama Rehearsals Begin

Spring Drama Rehearsals Begin

Jaqueline Kastrinakis April 1, 2024

Rehearsals are underway for Mount Greylock’s student-led Spring Drama, which will perform at the school on May 16-18. Unlike past years, the play, Lights Off, is written and directed entirely by students...

McCormack Joins Math Department

McCormack Joins Math Department

Cole Creighton December 21, 2023

Mount Greylock has many new faces this year, with new staff in a number of departments. One newcomer to the math department is Thomas McCormack. He teaches Algebra 1, Honors Pre Calculus, AP Calculus and...

How Mount Greylock is Addressing the Mental Health Crisis

Frances Evans December 20, 2023

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, overall mental wellness for teenagers has declined dramatically. In 2022, according to the World Health Organization, the pandemic triggered a 25% increase in anxiety and depression...

Paige Cangelosis art piece

Student Art Featured at Mount Greylock

Jaclynn Kastrinakis December 20, 2023

Throughout the year, the art department faculty select student-created pieces to be displayed in cases in the hallways of Mount Greylock. Sophomore Page Cangelosi, junior Kaeya Durley and Senior Marley...

Students Discuss Favorite School Nooks

Emily Mole December 20, 2023

School is often labeled as a stressful place. Throughout the seven hour days and the five day weeks, students easily become mentally and physically fatigued. Although this tiredness can be difficult to...

Scripts of Kiss Me Kate

“Kiss Me, Kate” Set to be Winter Musical

Ben McDonough December 19, 2023

Every year, the Mount Greylock Theater department presents a winter musical. This year's musical will be “Kiss Me, Kate,” first debuted on Broadway in 1948 and composed by the legendary Broadway songwriter...

Tips for Surviving the Winter

Charlotte Holubar December 19, 2023

Winter – the season where we have to embrace the cold, shovel our way out of snowdrifts, and try not to slip on ice patches while simultaneously perfecting a cold, too tired waddle. The frosty months...

Parental Leave at Mount Greylock and in the US

Molly Sullivan March 23, 2023

Currently, 193 countries belong to the United Nations, and over 150 of them mandate paid parental leave. The United States government does not. The current policy under the US Department of Labor is 12...

Teachers who Attended Greylock as Students Reflect

Lucy Igoe March 23, 2023

A small group of the staff at Mount Greylock Regional School attended the high school as students and have returned to teach. These teachers, having spent a large portion of their lives in Williamstown...

The Mount Greylock Library - Photo Courtesy of Molly Sullivan

The MG Library: A Safe Space for Students

Emily Mole March 23, 2023

The environment in school can be a stressful place. However, there are few places in the building that are considered a safe space during the long lasting school days. Ever since the new building of Mount...

Photo Courtesy of the Mount Greylock Regional School Website

Film Club, American Sign Language Club Formed at Mount Greylock

Lucy McWeeny, News Editor October 1, 2022

On Thursday, September 15th, Mount Greylock Regional School held its annual club fair. Every year, a few weeks after the start of school, all of the Mount Greylock clubs set up a booth during lunch so...

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