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Four High Schoolers Bring Nonprofit to Berkshire County

Luca Hirsch, Staff Writer

October 6, 2020

This summer, four Berkshire County high schoolers joined forces to start a youth activity group dubbed “The Berkshire Summer Games.” Kassidy Krejmas (Wahconah senior), Celina Savage (Mount Greylock Freshman), Jasmyn Roark-Somersall (Pittsfield senior), and Takiera Darrow (Mount Greylock Junior) ...

Students Adjust To Virtual Learning Platforms

Mackenzie Sheehy, Managing Editor

October 4, 2020

On September 16th, Mount Greylock began another academic school year that looked different than ever before. Instead of a day filled with students bustling through the halls and once again filling teachers classrooms, classes took place on a computer screen for the first time due to the COVID-19 pandem...

Students ‘Zoom’ Into the New School Year

Photo Courtesy of The Daily Northwestern

Laura Dupuis, Associate Editor

October 3, 2020

Since the start of school on September 16th, Mount Greylock students have been participating in fully remote learning. The goal was to have students do a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning so that they wouldn’t have to stare at their computer screens for hours and hours each day. H...

Maud Mandel on Williams College Reopening Plan: “At a Certain Point We Just Had to Make a Decision”

Photo Courtesy of Williams College

Lucy McWeeny, Staff Writer

September 17, 2020

On June 29th, Williams College made the decision to bring students back to campus in the fall for an in-person semester. The college has put in place a plan developed to keep the spread of COVID-19 to a minimum, while still providing students with an in-person education. “Pretty much right after we decided to go ...

Teachers React to Greylock Reopening Plan

Photo Courtesy of The Berkshire Eagle

Mackenzie Sheehy, Managing Editor

September 16, 2020

On September 1st, the Mount Greylock Regional School District finalized its reopening plan for the 2020-2021 academic year, followed by a Zoom meeting on September 2nd to announce the plan to families. The school year, starting on September 16th, will begin entirely remote for the first two weeks, follow...

Students React to Greylock Reopening Plan

Photo Courtesy of The Berkshire Eagle

Emma Sandstrom, Managing Editor

September 16, 2020

On Wednesday, September 2nd, Superintendent Robert Putnam announced the Mount Greylock reopening plan via Zoom meeting.  Students will begin remote classes starting on September 16th, and will remain at home until October 2nd. Mount Greylock will then pursue a hybrid model of learning. Students w...

Graduation Issue 2020

Graduation Issue 2020

June 13, 2020

Here is a link to the 2020 Echo graduation issue!

COVID Hits the Berkshires: an Overview

COVID Hits the Berkshires: an Overview

Leo Rossitter, Staff Writer

April 30, 2020

Berkshire County has been hit fairly hard by COVID-19 compared to other similarly sized communities. Because of the fast pace of the pandemic and the two-week incubation period, all information is outdated as soon as published. That being said, at the beginning of April, Berkshire County had the sixth ...

Virtual Learning During COVID-19

Mackenzie Sheehy and Emma Sandstrom, Managing Editors

April 22, 2020

On Monday, April 13th, Mount Greylock officially began its first full week of virtual learning after school had been closed for a month due to the unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19.  On April 8th, the School Committee voted that teachers would work through the spring break that would have occurred ...

Live Updates

Echo Staff

March 29, 2020

The stories in this series are written and reported accurately, but due to the dynamic nature of this issue, information may become obsolete and incorrect. This section includes live updates, which will include corrections to previous stories as our reporters learn more. Updates will be posted regularly...

Beyond Greylock

A map of school closures across the country

Livia Morales, Staff Writer

March 25, 2020

With the rapid expansion of coronavirus across the country, all schools are cancelled state-wide, except in Nebraska, Iowa, and Maine, where cancellations vary by district. Virginia, Oklahoma and Kansas have already announced the closure of schools for the rest of the academic year.  As reported by...

MIAA Postpones Start of Spring Sports Season

Mackenzie Sheehy, Managing Editor

March 25, 2020

Note: the information and quotes in this story do not all reflect today’s decision by the state to close schools until May. We will provide updates. In an attempt to slow the spread of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, schools in Massachusetts have closed for the next three weeks to help practic...

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