Taskin (’14) Returns to Greylock

On March 3, Mt. Greylock alumnus of 2014 Nate Taskin visited to discuss his major and his theories on film for the third ever Greylock Returns. Nate Taskin is a sophomore at UMass Amherst majoring in a BDIC, Bachelor’s Degree with Individual Concentration. This degree is unique to UMass Amherst, allowing students to create their own majors. Taskin’s self-created major is The Science of Fiction, in which he analyzes story structures. As described by Taskin: “The premise is that all these narrative devices and storytelling tropes are part of a chemical compound that makes a story, and I study the effect they have on people.” Taskin treated the handful of students and teachers that attended his talk with an intimate, enlightening presentation on film. During his talk, Taskin explained his idea of multiple levels of film comprehension, a concept based on stages a viewer goes through that affects the person’s perspective on the film. Taskin then went on to show the power of cinematography, demonstrating the effects of different lighting and shooting techniques. Taskin aspires to become a screenwriter in his future, something he hopes his major will prepare him for, “and if not I’ll be embittered and become a critic” joked Taskin.

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