A Day of Silence for Mt. Greylock

On Tuesday, April 12th, Mt. Greylock students participated in a Day of Silence in support for students who feel silenced by their community or have taken their lives because of nonsupporting communities. The first Day of Silence was in 1996 at the University of Virginia in response to a class assignment on nonviolent protests. In 1997, the Day spread to nearly 100 other universities. In 2001, the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) became the organizational sponsor for the now national event. Greylock started participating in the Day when the Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) first formed in the early 2000’s, and has participated annually up to now. “[The Day] is in memorium for those silenced by being in the closet or not feeling like they have a safe place to express themselves” said Duffy Martin, co-leader of the GSA, “It’s so that straight allies get to realize how being silenced by oppression feels for queer individuals every day.” The Day began a couple minutes into Block 1, and ended during Block 5 when participating students gathered in the meeting room to talk about their experiences. Students talked about what the Day meant for them and the country. The GSA then showed two videos, one about support by being silent and another on speaking out against homophobic slang. “It went well. There was a little miscommunication between which directed study, but we did end up having a good turnout.” said Martin, “We also had lollipops”.

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