Boys’ Nordic Wins 7th Straight State Title

The Mt. Greylock Boys’ Nordic Ski team enjoyed another undefeated season and an astounding seventh straight state title win.  The team won all the Berkshire County Nordic Ski League races by a significant margin, outpacing closest rivals Amherst and Northfield Mount Hermon by at least 10 points each race. This dominance is just the latest in a stretch of years for the Boys’ Nordic Ski team, which is accustomed to winning races and state titles.  

At states, seniors Evan Arthur and Cameron Castonguay, sophomore Jakin Miller, and junior Ric Donati led Greylock, coming in 3rd, 5th, 9th, and 10th respectively.  The Mounties finished with 25 points, edging out eastern rival Concord-Carlisle with 36 points.

Other skiers in the Berkshire County League have challenged Greylock skiers. Toby Weed and Kent Yoshikawa from Northfield Mount Hermon and Willy Wright from Amherst have consistently placed in the top five, alongside Greylock skiers. Donati believes that the competition in the league was helpful for when the team faced tougher opponents from eastern Massachusetts at the state competition, such as second-place Concord-Carlisle. About competition in the league, Donati said, “It’s nothing short of what it usually is.  Good guys competing at the top from other schools.”  As good as Greylock has been, other Berkshire County League schools brought quality skiers to the races.  

Greylock has also had some individual success. Greylock skiers have won three races while enjoying a rotating winner with Arthur, Donati, and Miller coming in first place this year. Also, a Greylock relay team with Jacob Adams, Donati, and girls team members sophomore Brandi Gill and freshman Helen Greenfield won the only home race this year.

The superiority of the Mt. Greylock Boys’ Nordic Ski team does not appear to be in any danger, with strong younger skiers ready to take over after the current varsity team members graduate over the next couple years. This year, the only scoring skiers set to graduate are Arthur and Cameron Castonguay, but Donati believes the team will reload easily, especially considering continued success after larger senior classes graduated in the past: “Losing Cam and Evan is better than losing seven skiers, like [we did] a couple years ago.” Younger skiers are already budding stars, with 8th grader Corban Miller coming in 16th place at states.  The JV ski team is winning races by a significant margin along with varsity, taking “about 15 of the top 20 places and usually all of the top ten,” according to Donati. The JV team is led by promising freshmen skiers Carter Lemaire and Finn Welch along with 8th graders John Skavlem and Col McDermott. The Greylock Boys’ Nordic Ski team is set for the future with young skiers looking to take the helm as the next stars.

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