Building Committee Ready to Take Next Steps

AddReno-R1c3-09172015-2On the 9th of September, the Mount Greylock School Building Committee (SBC) met with the Massachusetts School Building Association (MSBA). The MSBA is an organization that helps fund and organize building renovation and construction in public schools across the state. Based on the positive feedback the MSBA gave at the meeting, the SBC expects to get the go-ahead from the MSBA to advance to the Schematic Design Phase later this month. With the imminent approval from the MSBA, the SBC has started to work with the project architect and the project manager on tasks that must be completed during the Schematic Design Phase, such as assessing options for mechanical systems, interior and exterior materials.

The next meeting of the SBC will be held on September 24th at 5:30 in the meeting room. Items included on the agenda are “Discussion on the exterior envelope materials and interior flooring options”, “Design Partnership Review of the design and system decisions required by the SBC in the month of October to complete the Schematic Design Documents,” among others.

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