Co-op Swim Team Notches Solid Season

The St. Joe’s co-op and co-ed swim team, composed of students from Mt. Greylock, Drury, Hoosac Valley, and McCann Tech ended their season at Western Mass on February 12. The team has 20 female and 10 male swimmers, among them are Mt. Greylock seniors Emma Whitney, Julia Whitney, and Elizabeth Bernardy, juniors Elizabeth Bartlett and Artem Dudko, sophomore Kate Bernardy, and freshman Kat Wilson.


The team had a successful season, placing 6th out of 20 teams at the Western Mass tournament, with every member placing in the top twelve. Notably, St. Joe’s Jesse Tobin, one of the team’s most versatile swimmers, placed second in both the 500m free and 200m. The team initially struggled at the beginning of the season, moving from Hoosac to St. Joe and having to adapt to a new Athletic Director. In addition, the team had to do extensive fundraising to keep Mount Greylock part of the co-op program. However, they were able to accomplish their fiscal goal, selling children’s books, participating in a fundraising swimming event called a “Lapathon,” and receiving many charitable donations.  Senior captain Emma Whitney noted that the team, “did really well considering we had only six people in Western Mass, and placed sixth. Whereas other teams had at least twenty athletes participating.”


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