Cold Weather In June

Students and faculty have noticed the sudden freezing temperatures of the hallways and classrooms the past few days. The weather was only reaching into the 40 degree range outside, and classrooms were in the low 60´s. The Echo went to facilities supervisor Jesse Wirtes to ask about the cause of the sudden temperature drop.

Mr. Wirtes informed us that the current stage of the building plan is stage 3B, which is the heating plan. It needs to meet certain deadlines, and the new heating plan has to be up and running in September or October, so they had to start the process now. The last day that the state requires the school to have heat is May 15, so the heat was turned off on the 16th in order to get the process started.

Mr. Wirtes says “It was planned to be disconnected at a certain time. Unfortunately we would have had it running in the morning[s] if it was working.”

He also adds about the building, “It is uninsulated. If you get one cold day, and then a warm day, [the temperature] is okay, but when you have all those cold days in a row, the walls are radiating coldness.”

The heat should be back up and running when it starts to get cold again in October, according to Mr. Wirtes, or in September if we need it.

“The state requires us to have [the heat running] in the middle of October but it could get pretty cold so we are hoping we can get it a lot sooner than that.”

Thankfully, the weather has been starting to get warmer, so the issue of being cold is becoming less of a problem.

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