Middle School

An Interview with Sam Tucker-Smith - Seventh grader Sam Tucker-Smith is involved in chorus and band. He is writing his own musical, and the Echo sat down to talk to him about it. Echo: Can you tell us a little about the musical? Tucker-Smith: The musical is set in New York City in 1972 and there’s lots of characters, lots of […]
Interview with Jalyn Devadoss ’19 - Eighth grader Jalyn Devadoss is a new student here at Mt. Greylock. Last year, she and her family went on a yearlong trip to California, and this year Devadoss transitioned from elementary school (Williamstown Elementary School) to Greylock. The Echo asked Devadoss about her trip to “The Golden State” and her transition to middle school. […]
Interview with Cole Custer ’19 - Eighth Grader Cole Kuster recently returned from a family trip to Australia. He is a competitive swimmer, soccer player and runner. I spoke with him to find out more about his experience in a new country.   Swann: You just got back from Australia. How long were you there? Kuster: I stayed in Sydney for […]

High School

An Interview with Dan Flynn ’15 - Greylock senior Dan Flynn is a three-sport athlete who participates in soccer, hockey and baseball. This winter season, Flynn is captaining his co-op hockey team serving Mt. Greylock, Drury, Hoosac Valley, McCann Tech and Wahconah all under the Wahconah High School name. Last year as a junior, Flynn was an essential member of the 2014 […]

Faculty & Staff

An Interview with Coach Zaldivar - You might have read our interview a few weeks ago with new teacher Mr. Johnson. Another of the new, friendly faces floating around Greylock these days is PE teacher Coach Zaldivar. We sat down with him to ask him some questions. Echo: What are your hobbies and interests outside of school? Coach Zaldivar: My hobbies […]
Interview with Mr. Johnson - You may notice a few new faculty faces floating around. One of them is Latin teacher, Magister Johnson. On Wednesday, September 13th, the Echo got a chance to sit down and ask him some questions. Echo: What are your hobbies and interests outside of school? Magister Johnson: Well, I like to hike, and I like […]
Interview With New Teacher Sarah Holmes - Echo: What did you do before you came to Mt. Greylock? Ms. Holmes: I did two different outdoor educator-type… One was specifically an internship with the Student Conservation Association, which is about forty minutes from here. It was my first experience in this area of Massachusetts, and that was my first experience with teaching, right […]

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