Dodgeball: A Mountie Tradition

On Friday, March 6, the eighth annual dodgeball tournament was held in the gym by the senior class. The senior class hosted 26 teams of six, which battled for a spot in the championship game. There were 3 courts that held continuous games. There were 6 double-elimination brackets which would decide what the playoffs looked like. The tournament started at about 2:50 PM and ended shortly after 5:00 PM. Many teams had wonderful, creative costumes, but the team recognized to have the best costumes were the Dublin Dodgers, who were dressed in green top hats, green, white, and orange bowties, and black shirts. The final two teams left in the tournament were the Pretty Little Liars (PLL) and the Untouchaballs. The PLL dressed in all black from their tank tops to their black doo rags. The Untouchaballs dressed in basketball and soccer uniforms, headbands and colorful socks. The match was a blow for blow, shot for shot event. In the regular time the match came down to 2 players on each team waiting for the right shot, but there was not enough time. The whistle blew, signaling the end of the regular time. As the teams prepared for overtime the feeling of excitement was in the air. Like, which team would fall at the hands of the other? As the whistle sounded again, the teams went at each others’ throats, only this time the PLL were out for blood. The overtime started very quickly with each team trying to get the upper hand. As the time ticked down to the 4 minute mark the PLL began to pull away from the Untouchaballs with good shots and splendous dodges. The crowd was going wild as the PLL backed the Untouchaballs into the corner, 3 on 1. As the last shot hit the final Untouchaballs player, the crowd and the PLL went nuts, winning the 8th annual dodgeball tournament.

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