Football Beats Belchertown

Friday night’s football game against Belchertown was a win for Mt. Greylock. The final score of the game was 48-8. The team improved to 2-1 with this win, previously beating Drury. Senior captain Sean Mccormack made the game’s first touchdown. “The highlights of the game were a two-point conversion by Cal Messina and interception by Sean McCormack”, said junior, Tyler Carnevale. “There really wasn’t much of a low point to the game. We were up most of the game, which gave us motivation to keep fighting and scoring.” Going into the game not knowing what to expect from the opposing team, Mt. Greylock gave it 110 percent, even after the first half. Knowing they were up by so much, the team kept giving it their all under the friday night lights. As senior captain, Cole Seaman, states, “The team started off strong, scoring on our first drive. We continued to apply pressure to Belchertown and they just folded. We were powerful up front contributing to our establishment of the running game.” With their next game on Friday, hopefully Mt. Greylock (2-1) will bring as much power and determination as they did from their past games to beat Lee.

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