G.S.A.’s Name Change

GSA photoRecently, the G.S.A. changed their name from Gay Straight Alliance to Gender Sexuality Alliance. This change in name represents the club’s new focus. The Gay Straight Alliance provided a safe space for anyone with sexuality problems, but now the Gender Sexuality Alliance can bring students who have changed, or are transitioning, genders under their wing. “It’s a lot more inclusive for people,”  G.S.A. member and junior Jenna Benzinger commented, “So you don’t have to feel like you can’t join the club if you’re not gay”.

With a broader focus, the club has done more activities that touch on different topics.  During G.S.A. meetings the club finds different ways to discuss topics of sexuality or gender. Usually, they sit in a group and members talk about issues they have experienced in school, but sometimes the group watches relevant movies and, in the future, they might go on field trips. Kelly Heck, a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, recently talked to the club about gender and sexual identity. To publicize the change in their focus the club also made posters that they hung around the school. G.S.A. member and junior Duffy Martin wanted the posters to remind students of the club and to encourage more students to join, “A lot of people are afraid of joining the GSA in fear of appearing queer, but now they know it’s more inclusive of other groups.” Last year, the group did not acquire as many students as Martin and Benzinger wanted, but this year, with a new face and stronger publicity, the group consistently sees ten or more students at each meeting, “which is pretty good numbers for a high school G.S.A.,” Martin noted.

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