Girls’ Nordic Working Towards First Snow

The Girls’ Nordic Ski Team is one of Mt. Greylock’s most dominant sports, often winning or placing second in States. This year will not be an exception. With the same top eight skiers from last year, the girls have a great chance of being the runners up in Massachusetts, a position they achieved last season. Last year’s state champions, Wellesley, also has the same top 8 back from last year, so, the girls will have a bit of a challenge if they want to win States. “It will be fun being the underdog this year” said Coach Hillary Greene.

Not only is there no competition for the girls in the county, but they are undoubtedly the uncontested powerhouse of Western Mass. The season will be smooth sailing for Greylock as the skiers work hard to compete against the teams in the Eastern half of the state.

Although the ability of the team looks promising, the weather does not. A particularly warm winter will be detrimental to skiing conditions as snow is sparse. The league has scheduled races over the holiday break for December 31 and January 2, however, with temperatures as warm as the high sixties, chances of any sort of competition are slim to none. In the meantime, according to Greene, “The team is training super hard and everyone is giving the dryland training their all.” Until skiable snow arrives, the Greylock Girls’ Nordic team will be busy with long runs and core exercises to strengthen them for their ski season, whenever it comes.

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