Good Times at Greylock Prom

On Tuesday, May 31, Mt. Greylock Regional High School seniors and their dates descended on Berkshire Hill Country Club for their Senior Prom. The night began with couples taking pictures in different locations around the county, although the largest group of seniors and their dates assembled at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown. The students then drove to Berkshire Hills for walk-ins, which began at 6:00 pm. The couples were organized first by the senior girl’s last name, but if there was no senior girl, then by the senior boy’s last name. Couples lined up and then walked down a red carpet lined with family and friends taking pictures when their names were called. More pictures were taken inside the venue itself, but well wishers left after the seniors took a class picture. The students then sat down to dinner, followed by dancing. At 11:00 students boarded busses to take them to Greylock Bowl and Golf for Afterprom. Afterprom lasted until 5:00am the next day, when students were released back to their homes. Senior Elizabeth Bernardy saw Prom as a fun event. “It was great. It was nice to have an event where you could get dressed up with all your friends and celebrate yourselves as a class.”

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