Greylock Girls Stopped at the Cage

The Mt. Greylock Girls Basketball Team had an exceptional season this year with a 15-8 record. On March 8, the team made it all the way to the semifinals at UMass Amherst’s Curry Hicks Cage to play Drury. Mt. Greylock, the number four seed, made program history when they knocked out the first seed Palmer to get into The Cage. Mt. Greylock had a slight lead in the third quarter of the semifinal game, 34-33, but lost its grip in the fourth. Drury came out on top with a 41-38 lead. Junior Jenna Benzinger scored 17 points, the highest out of both teams.  Mt. Greylock played Drury twice before and lost both times, captain senior Haley Reinhard says, “It was really personal because Coach Flagg was the boys’ coach before and it was really hard going up against them because we knew each person. And I think we just let our nerves get to us.” The beginning of the season started off with close wins and a few losses, so Reinhard did not expect to get so far, “I feel like at the beginning we didn’t feel like we were going to be that good, but since we made it to the cage we were all really excited.”

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