Greylock Outdoors

Greylock Outdoors is a new club, run by Vice Principal Jacob Shutz, Paraprofessional Eric Forsberg and Williams Student and Mt. Greylock Fellow Max Harmon, which attracts a variety of students from all grades interested in participating in outdoor activities to improve leadership, wilderness, and survival skills. Students interested in partaking in the club come together on Tuesdays after school in the library. As Tuesday is one of the after-school detention days, Mr. Schutz is using Greylock Outdoors as also an alternate detention, which means that if a student participates in the club that day, it will be counted as their detention.  Unfortunately, Harmon’s Williams schedule during the winter will prevent him from running the club during that season, leaving Mr. Forsberg to take the reins. Due to temperatures beginning to go below freezing, activities will primarily take place indoors, however, Mr. Schutz is looking forward to potentially taking the kids out for snowshoeing at some point. The popularity and interest in the club seems to be increasing and attracting a wide group of students, which comes as an encouragement to the leaders of the club.

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