Jeffery Rubel Hosts Waffle Greylock Talk

Monday, April 1, Williams student Jeffrey Rubel hosted a Greylock Talk, teaching about  the evolution of the waffle, the waffle iron, and society throughout the ages. Through his extensive knowledge of colonial American waffles and the “waffle frolics” of the social elite, Rubel spoke about the evolution of society, with waffles at the forefront. Rubel taught the audience about the waffle’s journey from a social elitist delicacy to a common everyday breakfast item, all because of an evolution in technology. He continued on about the World’s Fairs of the 1960’s, and the introduction of the beloved Belgian waffle, further bringing together society and technology through a spread in food, and the ideas that come from said food.

“Food is a really powerful lens through which we can look at how society is changing,” says Rubel. “The waffle serves as a great example of this because it shows us how American history and American culture has evolved through time.”

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