Lanesborough Voters Pass Debt Exclusion Vote

On Tuesday, March 15, Lanesborough voted to exclude the new Mt. Greylock School building project from Proposition 2 ½. The final total was 633 “yes” votes to 499 “no” votes. The 1,132 voters who turned out to vote on the school project outnumbered the 855 voters who voted in the presidential primary. On March 1, 84 percent of those who voted in Williamstown voted to approve the project. This means that sophomores this year will be the last class to graduate from the original building.  

After the results were announced, cheers erupted in the basement of the Lanesborough town hall. Members of the community congratulated Mt. Greylock School Committee Chair Carrie Greene, a leader for the “yes” side throughout the project. Many parents brought their elementary school-age children to the polling area to show how the vote will affect their future. Many residents of both towns stood outside the Town Hall holding “Vote Yes, it costs less!” signs until the polls closed at 8:00 pm, and some stood on the side of the road and waved signs at passing cars.

When asked why she was outside campaigning for a yes vote, Lanesborough resident Michelle Johnson responded, “Because my kids deserve the best education.” Lanesborough resident and elementary school math teacher, Curtis Asch said, “My daughters are both in the elementary school here and they will eventually go to high school. I would really like them to go to the same high school I graduated from. A high school that puts out incredible individuals into the world, people who go not just to and through college but to incredible places beyond. It’s one of the best high schools in Berkshire County if not the state, and it’s home.” The “yes” votes from both towns mean that construction can proceed as planned. Phase One of the construction will be the school public spaces, including the cafeteria, and the renovation of the auditorium. Phase Two will be the construction of the new classroom wing, and Phase Three will conclude with the renovation of the gymnasium. The complete classroom wing is set to open in April of 2018, with the entire school opening in fall of 2018.

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