MG Golf Team Keeps Eye on Western Mass. Title

After a successful start to the season, the Mt. Greylock golf team hit an emotional wall when their win streak of five matches came to an end against undefeated Pittsfield on September 15th. Even with victorious results, the golf team has experienced both outstanding team performances as well as some rough patches. On Thursday, September 3rd, the Mounties finished out their first match against Lenox with a forty-one point lead. The next meet against Taconic was close; the Mounties survived them by just 10 points. On September 8th, Mt. Greylock defeated Hoosac Valley by 49 points. On the 10th, they won against Drury after a tie-breaker, too close for Coach Brian Gill’s comfort. He said, “We were playing badly, but they were playing worse.” Freshman Ben Gilooly and senior Matt Wiseman have consistently proven to be Greylock’s top two performers this season, placing second and fourth respectively in their recent match against Drury.

The team has shown spectacular improvement in recent years. Just three years ago, the golf team ended their season with a harsh 0-15 record. Last year, they recovered from their dry streak and landed third in Western Mass. Now, they are boasting a record of 6-1 with much of the season to go. Junior Kyle Alvarez, a key scoring member of the team last year, has an unfortunate case of tendinitis in his left arm. He said, “It hurts when I swing, but I can plow through the pain.”

Alvarez is “really excited” about this season and believed that they would stay undefeated before the match on Tuesday. Gill thinks the team has a strong chance to go far this year. He said, “When was the last time we were undefeated for so long? We have a good chance of winning the championships, but what will really define us will be this week.” Greylock played Wahconah on September 14th with a close win, and lost in their streak-ending match against Pittsfield on the 15th, and went back to winning on September 17th against Lee.  Their loss against Pittsfield was unfortunate, but they are still a strong team and continue to pursue the Western Mass. title.

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