School Responds to Minor Building Threat

On February 29, a building threat was reported to the administration by the custodial staff after regular school hours. An act of vandalism committed in one of the school’s girls’ bathrooms sparked the concern, with an undisclosed message written on the wall. In response to the graffiti, which was perceived as a potential threat to the security of the building, Mount Greylock contacted Williamstown Police. Law enforcement, along with Greylock’s crisis management team and the administration, conducted a thorough inspection of the property’s perimeter and the building itself. After securing the location and confirming a lack of present danger to the school, Principal Mary MacDonald and Assistant Principal Jacob Schutz contacted all parents and guardians of Greylock students through email to inform them of the threat and the measures taken as a result. In line with proper protocol, the administration reviewed recent security footage and bathroom sign-out logs. Schutz and MacDonald explained that after the inspection was completed, the threat was deemed to be of minor gravity and regular hours and activities would continue accordingly. The following morning, Williamstown Police officers were present at the building as students and faculty arrived for the day, and after a quick survey of the building, determined the school was safe to commence as usual.

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