Mount Greylock Football: A Promising Squad Looks to Leave Early Struggles Behind

FootballGoing into Week 5, the Mount Greylock’s football team continues to display promising performances, but remain unable to get the result. Junior captain and and starting tailback Pat Storie(‘17) believes that “the team has really come a long way since the beginning of the year.” Two weeks ago, Greylock earned their first win of the season, blowing out Drury High School, 42-8. Coming off this victory, Coach Ago’s team went into the game against a stellar Hoosac team with high hopes. Although they were unable to beat Hoosac, Storie says, “I think that was the best game we have played all year.” Greylock became, on Friday night, the first team to hold Hoosac to less than 40 points. Hoosac surely expected to come into this game looking to blow out Greylock, but as Patrick clearly states, “when we went out there and scored on the first drive, I don’t only think they were shocked, but the whole county was shocked.” Putting up good fights in each game thus far, Greylock has made it clear to supporters across Western Massachusetts that they are real contenders in the league. Patrick Storie,is only focused on getting his team to Western Mass because he knows “that we could see that Hoosac team again in the postseason and I believe we can beat them.”

In the Hoosac vs. Mt. Greylock game, Hoosac had 0 passing yards, while Greylock had 150. This is a significant stat figure showing that the Greylock football team can be a threat through the air with the brilliant arm of Brodie Altiere and the hands of the likes of Sean McCormack, while already being known for moving the ball on the ground with Pat Storie and Devin Pelletier leading the way.

Greylock just needs to keep doing what they are doing and victories will come. The team moving forward is looking bright.

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