Mounties Softball 7-4 After 11 Contests

On April 11th, the softball season officially started for the Mountie girls with a big 17-9 win against Monument Mountain. The girls began practice March 16th in the gym due to the amount of snow outside, spending a lot of time  together practicing hitting, catching, and working on many other aspects of the game, until the girls finally practiced outside in the grass circle on April 3rd. Last year the team chemistry was not all there, however, this year the team as a whole is positive and maintaining a strong bond, which will help on and off the field. Whatever the case, the team hit the ground running , with a 8-6 start with losses to Drury, Monson, Wahconah, Mount Anthony, Hoosac and Turners Falls respectively. Another aspect that is helping the girls is their ability to change positions. According to sophomore starting pitcher Fiona Kelley, “The team is very flexible this year. Everyone is willing to move around.” This is a key aspect of the game and will be a great help in the coming months. The team’s first two games were blowout wins with scores of 17-9 and 13-0 respectively. The Mounties are currently on a roll, led by captains Miranda Voller and Dana Clement. With 6 games left in the season, the team is excited to finish their season strongly.

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