Mounties Wear Yellow for a Day

On Friday March 27th, 2015, students at Mt. Greylock put their yellow clothes on in support of a British boy Seth, a five year old born with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), which means he has little to no white blood cells, which renders him unable to fight diseases. Seth’s favorite color is yellow, so he asked people to wear it in support of him. Since Seth has no immune system, he has had to live in a sterile hospital world for most of his life, unable to leave because he would risk contracting a deadly illness. He is known as a “bubble boy,” for he lives in a room completely cut off from human interaction. His friends and family can see and talk with him through window outside the room, but it’s very dangerous for them to actually go into his room to see him. Seth needs a second bone-marrow transplant, which would help repair his damaged immune system and bring him back to health. Thousands of people are sharing their yellow colors on social media using #WearYellowForSeth. “It’s just to make to make someone happy and that’s the whole point of it all,” says Mt. Greylock 8th grader Lauren Jacobbe, the student who had the idea of getting students to wear yellow for Seth: “honestly it’s the thought that counts. Even if you didn’t wear yellow, you can still think about him, and support him.”


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