Mt. Greylock Students Receive Awards

On Wednesday, June 7th, outstanding Mt. Greylock students received awards for their performance in school as well as in extracurricular activities. Mt. Greylock faculty presented awards for athletics, music, theater, volunteering, core school subjects, as well as Greylock Way awards, Junior Book awards, and Greylock scholar awards for the top five students in each class.

In years past, Mt. Greylock has hosted the ceremony in the auditorium, but with the auditorium under construction, administration moved the event to the cafeteria. This shift created a more casual atmosphere for the ceremony as award winners did not stand on the stage to receive awards. The custodians refurnished the cafeteria to suit the event by moving lunch tables at high school lunch to make room for the numerous chairs that needed to be arranged for the ceremony.

A few students were not in attendance to receive their awards. The boys’ lacrosse team Western Mass semifinals and the MSTCA state track decathlon were that night so many athletes were not in attendance, including two athlete award winners, Sophomore Michael Wellspeak and Junior Ric Donati. A new award was added to the ceremony as junior Chris Shand received recognition for his participation in a local student trooper program for prospective police officers. He is one of the first juniors to complete the program so the award was new for the non-senior award ceremony.

The awards ceremony was slightly different than previous ceremonies, but still honored exemplary students for their achievements this year. Congratulations to all the award winners listed below.


  • Madeline Art, Greylock Top Scholar
  • Miriam Bakija, Greylock Top Scholar
  • Julia Butler, Latin
  • Tyler Canata, Greylock Way
  • Taylor Cornell, Volunteerism
  • Khushi Devre, Mathematics
  • Julia Donati, Theater
  • Tarryn Gaherty, Greylock Way
  • Helen Greenfield, Greylock Way
  • Brandon Fahlenkamp, Music & Performing Arts
  • Toby Foehl, Athletics Awardee
  • Gable Hartman, Art
  • Molly Howard, English
  • Julia Jammalo, Spanish & Greylock Way
  • Mitchell Jezouit, Greylock Way
  • Alexander Morin, History-Social Studies
  • Ryan Narey, Science
  • Samantha Pierce, Business & Technology
  • Kathryn Pfister, Greylock Top Scholar
  • Charlotte Rauscher, Greylock Top Scholar
  • Madison Ross, Athletics Awardee
  • Owen Tucker-Smith. Greylock Top Scholar
  • Anna Welch, Wellness & Greylock Way


  • Maddison Albert, Greylock Top Scholar
  • Rachel Bisson, Latin
  • Sage Bohl, Spanish
  • Anna Butcher, Music & Performing Arts
  • Marley Buffis, Greylock Way
  • Josephine Dalsin, Greylock Top Scholar
  • David Falk, Greylock Top Scholar
  • Katrina Hotaling, Greylock Top Scholar
  • Lauren Jacobbe, Greylock Way Award
  • Sophie Jones, Business & Technology
  • Cole Kuster, Science
  • Catherine McPartland, Greylock Top Scholar
  • Morgan Nottke, Theater & Volunteerism
  • Dominic Paris, Greylock Way
  • Shaelyn Roberts, Art
  • Theo Sandstrom, English & Wellness
  • Margo Smith, Athletics Awardee & Greylock Way
  • Colette Stapp, History-Social Studies & Greylock Way
  • Luke Swann, Mathematics & Greylock Way
  • Sam Trybus, Volunteerism
  • Michael Wellspeak, Athletics Awardee


  • Jacob Adams, Junior Book Award
  • Alex Babcock, English
  • Angela Baumgartner, Junior Book Award
  • Kate Bernardy, Junior Book Award
  • Isabelle Bote, Spanish & History-Social Studies
  • Aleya Cappadona, Wellness Award
  • Samuel Culver, Greylock Top Scholar & Junior Book Award
  • Samuel Dils, Greylock Top Scholar & Junior Book Award
  • Richard Donati, Athletics Awardee, Greylock Way Award & Junior Book Award
  • Joshua Duncan, Greylock Way Award
  • Conor Fitzgerald, Junior Book Award
  • Brady Foehl, Junior Book Award
  • Josephine Gollin, Greylock Top Scholar & Junior Book Award
  • Jacob Hane, Greylock Top Scholar
  • Maia Hirsch, Science, Greylock Way Award & Junior Book Award
  • Lauren Howard, Latin Award & Junior Book Award
  • Taylor Hoffstedt, Greylock Way Award
  • Grace Kelley, Theater Award
  • Cedar Keyes, Music/Performing Arts Award
  • Madelyn Kocsis, Art Award
  • Emily Little, Junior Book Award
  • Gabriella Orpin, Business & Technology, Junior Book Award
  • DiMaggio Paris, Junior Book Award
  • Jade Phair, Junior Book Award
  • Emma Polumbo, Athletic Awardee
  • Tenley Smith, Junior Book Award
  • Sabrina Templeton, Mathematics & Junior Book Award
  • Patricia Thistle, Greylock Way Award
  • Madison VanDeurzen, Greylock Top Scholar & Junior Book Award


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