Network Firmware Update Improves Connectivity

networkOn Thursday, February 26, Mt. Greylock’s Technical and Audio Visual Coordinator Rob Wnuk successfully updated the school’s Wi-Fi system after receiving sporadic reports of device connectivity problems. Starting shortly before February Break, some students and faculty members were noticing an inability to connect with Greylock’s internet, with their devices explaining that some servers were available. Mr. Wnuk initially assumed that the system, which hadn’t been rebooted in 1000 days, simply needed to be restarted. However, after the rebooting, the issue was still present and devices still could not be on Greylock’s Wi-Fi, Mr. Wnuk tried to “tweak some performance settings” and “check various error logs”  to no avail. Finally, Mr. Wnuk, after contacting a network engineer, was able to discover that the wireless controller maxed out at 500 servers. This meant that no more than 500 devices could connect to the internet at one time, the reasoning behind the connection failures. This problem was a result of the server’s firmware. After updating late Thursday night, Mr. Wnuk has confirmed that Greylock’s network can now support 1000 devices, adding that this need for update shows how much “people are bringing in more and more technology into the building”.

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