New Gym Rules

With the recent opening of the new school gym, new rules are being implemented. For example, only certain types of shoes are now allowed in the gym. Students can no longer wear soft-soled shoes, including some types of sneakers, as they can leave scuff marks on the brand-new floors. Gym teacher Brian Gill commented on some of the questions that may have arisen along with the new gym’s rules. As to why the rules are not the same as before he says, “In years past, we’ve just known the floors were trash. We still played floor hockey, we had baseball and lacrosse practice in there, but with the new floor all of that just has to change a little bit. We’re just trying to do a better job, make sure we’re wearing the right footwear. I don’t know what’s going to happen with baseball and lacrosse practice in there, but I know that we’re not playing floor hockey. It’s just a matter of trying to keep them in better shape overall.”

In addition to the rules surrounding the floors, the new locker rooms have just recently opened. Seventh and eighth graders will share a locker, while ninth through twelfth graders each get their own gym locker. Gill describes his enthusiasm for this equipment, “We’ve never been able to have that, so to have your own locker to put a lock on and keep your stuff in is awesome. We still have room for athletes [ninth through twelfth graders] who aren’t in phys-ed to have their own locker as well.”

As to the reprimanding of those who break the rules, Gill says, “In terms of consequences, it’s not like if you have the wrong footwear, you’re failing class or you’re getting detention, it’s just trying to educate people what’s good footwear and what’s not.”

Varsity basketball player Brooke Masse describes her perspective on the new additions and rules: “Our coaches have made it super clear to not have food or drinks in the gym and to have appropriate footwear and what qualifies as appropriate footwear.” As a basketball player, the quality of the gym floors have an impact on their sport. Masse says, “The footwear rule I completely understand we need to keep the floor looking nice. The no eating and drinking rule, I understand where they are coming from, but sometimes people need gatorade during sports for the electrolytes and for hydration after games.”

Even with more enforced regulations, Gill describes the highest priority, “The most important rule: have fun and enjoy our new facility.” During the construction of the newly-opened gym, the school was left without a proper gym. With the gym’s completion, Gill reflects back on the past months of makeshift gym classes: “Our students have been awesome about not having a gym by just living with what we had. We went from April through January with no gym: double classroom and two classrooms as changing rooms. So to be in locker rooms now and to have our own space and to have your own locker is awesome. We just want kids to have fun and enjoy the experience.”

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