New Position Openings for 2017-18 School Year

The start of the 2017-18 school year will bring many new faculty members to the Mt. Greylock community. After a year of shuffling teachers around, the Greylock administration will solidify several positions. The administration is hiring a new physical education teacher to fill the staff following the departures of Ray Miro and Brandon Asplundh following the 2015-16 school year. One candidate has already accepted an offer for a full-time position. With Kim Grady’s move from Special Educational Director to Interim Superintendent, a new Interim Special Education Director will take over her old position.

Since legendary Latin teacher Marjorie Keeley’s passing in February, Amy Turner has been juggling many sections of Latin. A new hiring will take on four sections of Latin in the fall, allowing for much more balance in that department. The administration has already offered the position to a candidate. Maria Fernandez will also be taking time off in September for personal reasons, so a hired employee will fill in during that month in Fernandez’s Spanish classes.

Elsewhere, the math department will add a full-time member to its staff. Since Mrs. Courtney Gibson’s retirement following the 2015-16 school year, math teachers have had to move around and teach different classes than they have in the past. This new teacher, who has already received an offer, will teach exclusively seventh graders, which was Gibson’s role during her tenure.

Perhaps the largest shift in the staff will be at the position of vice principal. Incumbent Vice Principal Jake Schutz is being called on for a year-long leave of absence for military service. The hiring will be for an interim position, as Schutz is planning to return for the 2018-19 school year. While much will stay the same, it will be exciting to see new faces in the classrooms of Mount Greylock as we begin to transition into a new building.



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