The Cartel: Book Review - Note: The Cartel is possibly one of the most graphic high profile books written this year. Although I would consider it less mature than Game of Thrones, discretion is advised. The Cartel deals with extraordinary amounts of violence, both sexual, physical and emotional, as well as serious profanity. Don Winslow’s novel, The Cartel released April […]
The Second American Civil War - I recently finished DMZ, a 72 issue (November 2005 – February 2012) serial graphic novel by Brian Wood. What started as a simple whim of easy-reading to pass the time became, for me, a pretty thought-provoking fiction told through a journalistic lens. Delivered with the help of quite stimulating art by Wood and Riccardo Burchielli (along with several guest artists), I found upon finishing […]


Review: Pera Mediterranean Bistro - Pera is one of those places that is always right there in front of you, yet you rarely go. First opened in 2014, Pera is always an option for a high quality dinner in WIlliamstown. For some reason, however, my family always chooses to go somewhere else until just the other week. This was my […]
Flavors of Malaysia: Quality Experience at a Cost - Just off of North Street in Pittsfield, nestled behind the Beacon Cinema lies Flavors of Malaysia, a somewhat mysterious establishment, boldly claiming on their website to be “Not your typical Asian restaurant.” We parked at a conveniently located parking lot directly behind the restaurant, descended a few steps, and entered a large, spacious room where […]
Jasper’s Favorites: Tony’s Sombrero - You’re a high schooler. You might have a job, but you play sports or do another extracurricular activity, so you can’t work during the week, and the money you have in your pocket is precious to you. You can’t be dropping a stack of cash for one meal. You need an option that can give […]

TV & Movies

Sam and Zach’s Star Wars Countdown: T-minus 2 weeks -     This week, Sam and Zach review the penultimate film of the Star Wars Saga: The Empire Strikes Back. The Empire Strikes Back is a rare case in the film world: a sequel that is better than its prequel. One reason for this is how Empire’s plot is is more than the simple victories of […]
Sam and Zach’s Star Wars Countdown: T-minus 5 Weeks - As Sam and Zach continue the countdown to The Force Awakens, they review their second movie, Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Attack of the Clones ratcheted up the prequel trilogy, barely saving George Lucas from the utter failure of Menace. Attack of the Clones include a wide variety of references that foreshadow the events […]
Sam and Zach’s Star Wars Countdown: T-minus 6 Weeks - In light of the upcoming premier of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the Echo’s own intergalactic pundits Samuel John Swoap and Zachary Y Armet will review the six movies, one a week until Awakens is released. This week, we start before the very beginning, with the prequel The Phantom Menace. The Star Wars Saga brings […]


High School Musicians Qualify for Senior District Festival - Each year, high school musicians and vocalists from Western Massachusetts audition to participate in the Senior District Festival concert as members of the Western District of the Massachusetts Music Educators Association on Saturday, January 16 at UMass – Amherst. Several Mt. Greylock students auditioned for Senior Districts this year, and five students were selected to […]
“Deep down the hollow is what you promise me. All I can do is to follow”… - This past summer I arrived late to an album that has been getting airplay on independent stations for over a year, Milky Chance’s Sadnecessary. Released in October 2013 the album did not make much headway in the US until 2014 when Milky Chance began playing sold-out shows and appeared on late-night with Jimmy Kimmel. USA Today wrote a favorable review in […]
“It was fifty years ago today…” - Fifty years ago the United States was in the middle of a British Invasion. In response to mid-century American blues and rock & roll, the Brits answered with their own version of these styles blended with distinctly English youth culture. Starting with Beatlemania in 1963, wave after wave of music, cinema, and fashion crashed on the shores […]

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