Prof. Pia M. Kohler Talks About Climate Change

On Monday, March 28, Williams College Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Pia M. Kohler presented “Our Response Will Define Our Future: The Promise of the Paris Climate Agreement,” a Greylock Talk focusing on the history and future of international climate change agreements. Kohler showed the history of international conferences, starting with the Stockholm Conference in 1972, all the way to the buildup to the Paris Climate Change Conference last December. Kohler also explained the current international climate change situation. She said representatives of 155 different countries during the Paris Conference agreed to limiting global emissions, preventing no more than a 1.5 degree celsius increase in global temperatures by mid 21st century. Developed countries also agreed to supplying developing countries with a minimum of $100 billion to work on domestic improvements. Kohler was pleased with how attentive the students were, but was worried about time, “It’s a very short amount of time to present a lot of information. I can teach a whole semester about this material.” Senior Student Council member Grey Kaegi, who organizes Greylock Talks, enjoyed the high attendance for the talk, “There were a lot of people here. I think it’s awesome when teachers for their labs promote students going to these talks. I think it’s a great opportunity. There have been talks in the past that have lined up nicely with curricula.”

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