Recent Power Outages

The Mt. Greylock high school building has been under construction since the 2016-2017 school year.  As the building comes closer to completion, many things such as electrical wiring are being redone.  The contracting company has been working with the school’s administration, building, and tech crews to rewrite and and replace most of the current electrical wiring.  The goal of the electrical work was to reroute the electricity to a central room that could power both the new and old schools simultaneously. The new room would use more up-to-date equipment and technology than what had been in place in the old school.  Some issue have come up  in the process of putting this plan into action. There have been issues on the physical side of things-the electrical wiring and equipment- and problems with the electricity  National grid has come several times during scheduled power outages to work with the builders and fix the issues.

Though progress has been made, the power outages are scheduled to occur on Saturdays until the problem can be fixed. The week of September 29th-after a warning that school could be closed when the power did not come back after a scheduled outage-the school was run on an emergency generator. Though not a permanent solution, this has helped keep the building of the new school on track and the old school operating as needed.

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