Review: “A Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”

Recently, Netflix revamped “A Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” a show that ran for four years in the early 2000’s on Bravo TV. The new version has eight episodes, with season two set to come out on June 15.

The purpose of the show is simple. Five gay men, each with different talents, set out to help makeover a straight man who is nominated for the show by his friends or family. Usually, this entails a wardrobe, living space, and appearance redo, along with a deeper look into the contentant’s lack of self-confidence and some lessons on what they can do to improve it.

As a result, each episode delves deeper than a simple makeover. With such a big change in appearance comes the inevitable look into why the contestants have not focused on themselves in so long, and these reasons often deal with family issues and societal ideas about masculinity. With the help of the self-proclaimed “Fab Five,” the contestants overcome these crippling problems and the end result is truly touching.

Another inevitably is the difference in ideologies that arise. As they are working in the south, usually in Georgia, the Fab Five encounter some people who are not used to being surrounded by gay men – but the result is never disheartening. The two groups come to realize their differences and work with them.

That isn’t to say the show is all serious – not by any means. Bobby, Karamo, Antoni, Tan, and Jonathan are all hilarious, and their conversations are very entertaining. They make sure both the viewer and the contestant have a fun and enjoyable time throughout the experience.

Overall, the show is both a fun and somewhat enlightening watch. For anyone who likes a makeover show, this is one you shouldn’t miss.

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  1. I love these men. This is my favorite program. Want to come to St. Louis? Wonderful, kind, smart men. You all make my day and give me hope for society.

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