Review: Lickety Split

After much anticipation, spring is here and Williamstown’s Lickety Split is finally open. Although Lickety Split is not a new restaurant or one that is not well known, I thought that it would be fitting to do a review of their new location. As many of you may know, Lickety’s previous location was at the bottom of Spring Street in a small house with deck space and a surrounding lawn with chairs, so there was rarely a shortage of seating. Due to construction of the new Inn at the bottom of Spring Street, the old location was taken down. The new location is about halfway up the street and is in the same raised walkway as Spring Street Market. As you enter the scoop shop you can immediately tell it is very new, as there is very scarce furnishings with only a few pictures and cheap plants on the walls. As of the writing of this article. there are only four small tables inside and two larger ones outside which can probably sit around fifteen. As you walk in, the counter is about twenty feet back from the entrance and the blackboards with the flavors and prices are on the left side. I hope as the summer progresses that the inside becomes much more inviting and less sterile.

The ice cream, on the other hand, is the same that I have known and loved. Lickety still has the same iconic flavors such as Mudpie, Cookie Combustion, Burnt Sugar and Butter, and of course Purple Cow, along with the basics and some new flavors such as Chai Iced Tea. There is also sorbet, fro-yo, and dairy free ice cream. For cone selection there are cake, sugar, and waffle cones and if you pay extra you can get a chocolate dipped waffle cone. Cups in all different sizes are also available. There are root beer floats, milkshakes, banana splits, lemonade, fruit smoothies and baked goods, which are new for this year. Perfect for summer birthdays are the famous ice cream cakes from Lickety, which feature Oreo crumble bases and three chosen flavors. As always, there are three different sizes for scoops: pee-wee, regular, and large, which are two, three, and four scoops, and are priced at $2.60, $3.60, and $4.60, respectively. This is a 35 cent hike from the prices last year.

Overall, Lickety is a great place to go with friends after practice or on the weekends on a hot day. Service is good and they do a good job at keeping traffic flowing with such a large demand. Many times lines are out of the door and there is less than a ten minute wait. The inside is a disappointment but I think that as the summer gets into full swing it will get much nicer. The ice cream, as usual, is always a safe choice. The one major downfall with their new location is seating, with the new one having far less outdoor space available. On the outside patio the two tables seem too crowded, and the door opening hinders the flow of the line. The prices are okay but are a little high. For the ice cream alone I would give Lickety a 9/10, but for the new location and design a 7.5/10.  


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