School Committee Approves Regionalization

On Tuesday, September 19th, the school committee voted to regionalize the district administration for the junior and senior-high school; the same choice made by Williamstown and Lanesboro elementary school. This would condense the administration of the MGRSD–Lanesboro Elementary school, Williamstown Elementary school, and Mt. Greylock Regional High School–to one central office. The two towns will still pay the expenses for their own schools, half of the administration, and portion of Mt. Greylock students.

The purpose of regionalization on smaller school districts is to cut administration costs and difficulties by having administrative work all done under one roof. The current model that has been approved would save MGRSD $120,000 annually on operational costs. One immediate effect of regionalization is an equal salary for all teachers in a given district. There can also be initial costs for establishing a district administrative office. Carolyn Greene, a chair of the district’s Regional District Amendment Committee, said “I feel good about supporting the document… I think it’s a great proposal, and I’m appreciative of all the effort.”

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