Senior Prank: “Occupy Greylock”

It was seemingly just another average Mt. Greylock morning on May 21, 2015. Buses rolled up to school filled with students still groggy from recently waking up, yet something was amiss. There was a different parking formation from any other day, with cars seemingly parked further away from the school. As buses rolled into their drop-off zone, riders realized several disruptive park jobs that could not possibly be accidental. Then, as buses ground to a halt, students heard a rising din emanating from the area near the front door where a wall of seniors stood protesting all the injustices they experienced over their Mt. Greylock careers. The much anticipated senior prank had finally arrived. There were many humorous signs, including “I’m so angry, I made a sign!”, but also some that resonated with other students, like “We’re not just a score,” a phrase denouncing the MCAS. In the spirit of a true hippy riot, senior Jake Kobrin beat a water barrel with drumsticks.

The tomfoolery did not end after the first bell, as the seniors took their protesting to the halls, handcuffing themselves to desks and setting up camp in major walkways. Impeded walkers passed through collections of seniors who were waving their signs and shouting about injustice and divesting Mt. Greylock. A few seniors were even bold enough to walk up to the occasional passerby and handcuff themselves to that person. By the end of Block 2, most of the peevish activity had petered out, and by third period, the prank ended. This prank was a farewell gift from the seniors, who had four school days left, to their underclassmen and acted as a reminder of the jubilance and energy this class brought to the Mt. Greylock community.

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