Seniors Host Annual Dodgeball Tournament

On Friday March 18, the senior class hosted the 9th Annual Dodgeball Tournament. Out of the 27 teams that participated in the tournament, one team, the Tune Squad, emerged victorious. The Tune Squad, consisting of juniors Patrick Storie, Reilly Parker, Zach Condon, and Brandon Condon as well as sophomores Sam Dils and Sean McCormick, thoroughly trounced the Professors of Pain, a faculty team including PE teachers Brandon Asplundh and Brian Gill, English teacher Blair Dils, Math teachers Nolan Pratt and Brandon Price, and paraprofessional Andrew Agostini. Prattatouille, a Nolan Pratt-themed parody of the Pixar film Ratatouille, won the Best Costume Award. Seventh grader Fiona Williams, whose skills led her underdog team to upset the Ballbusters, a team consisting of junior girls, said that “it was an awesome day that I’ll never forget. I can’t wait to do it next year.” Overall, the senior class made a profit of $810 on the tournament, money that the class advisors will spend on prom and various other senior activities, such as the class trip.

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