SOC Food Drive Success

The middle school leadership group, Students Organizing Change (S.O.C.), held a food drive from January 28 to February 10. The S.O.C. chose to hold the drive from late January to early February because “the [food bank] is low this time of year,” said seventh grade member Charlotte Sanford, “[they] gave out a lot of food over the holidays.” The S.O.C. exceeded their goal of 500 items, collecting over 700 items from boxes in directed studies, the front office, and the peer team room. “It was very successful,” said seventh grade student Hazel Scullin, one of the 30 members of the S.O.C. “Every fifty [that were brought in] would get [the Directed Study] a baked item,” said seventh grade member Laura Dupuis. This tactic worked in bringing in more food, with multiple Directed Study classes donating over 50 items. Mrs. Moore-Powers’s directed study collected the most items, about 112, winning themselves multiple types of baked goods. After the students collected the food, they delivered it to the Williamstown Food Bank, which serves people around the Berkshires.

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