Social Media Threat at Mt. Greylock

On January 24, administration sent an email to members of the Mt. Greylock community informing parents and students of a possible threat to Mt. Greylock and assuring student safety.  The threat was sent through social media and will undergo further investigation.  Police were the first to notice the threat and notified Greylock administration, which acted quickly to safeguard the school.  Assistant Principal Jacob Schutz assures that everyone at the school will be safe.  He is unsure of the severity of the discipline administration will give to the student who issued the threat.  According to Schutz, the minimum punishment for threatening the school is a one-day suspension, but he believes the suspension may be as much as ten days.  Schutz hopes that the student in question is still able to continue their studies at Mt. Greylock and not face expulsion.

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