Students Enjoy Snowball

On Saturday, February 6, the senior class hosted the Snowball. Math teacher and senior class advisor, Mrs. Williams helped seniors decorate the gymnasium and transform it into a dance floor. Despite the worry in popularity, roughly 170 people attended the dance. The decorations of this year’s dance included icicle lights and paper snowflakes. This year, DJ Fuzion a professional disc jockey provided music for the dance. The popcorn and cotton candy machines were popular among those who attended the dance. Mrs. Williams said, “I think that the Snowball was a success this year. We had a lot of students attend. The students really seemed to enjoy the DJ, decorations, and the popcorn and cotton candy machines.” Through the efforts of the seniors and the help of the faculty the senior class raised about $1,200 which will help fund their ongoing projects throughout the rest of the year.

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