Students Provide Input on Building Project

After the April 1st  half day, most Mt. Greylock students were running for the busses to get lunch with their friends. However, 27 students were walking toward the cafeteria where pizza and salad awaited them. After lunch, they broke into small groups and did a SCOG analysis of the current school. SCOG stands for Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities, and Goals. The students looked at each aspect of SCOG in terms of the academics of Mt.Greylock and the facility itself and wrote down their thoughts. Their then taped up their thoughts around the cafeteria and students looked at each others’ ideas. They then wrote down and discussed commonalities they saw over all the categories.

They went back into their original small groups and discussed what types of building designs would suit their needs while looking at a design packet submitted by Vista Designs. Willinet filmed the whole meeting.

The meeting was overseen by Principal Mary MacDonald who was splitting her time between the students and a similar gathering of faculty and staff. Freshman Student Council Representative Ethan Schoorlemmer and Junior Greta Savitsky helped to run the meeting when Principal Macdonald was with the faculty.

Of the event, Savitsky said, “I thought that it was a really great opportunity for students to have their voices heard.” Freshman Hoby MacWhinnie said, “It was fun, and we got to decide on what we do for the building when they redo it.” It seems that meeting was the only time the group will meet.

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