Students to Compete as Bowling Club

ken's_bowlSix Mt. Greylock students, Reece Gillete (‘18), Mark Hayden (‘17), Neel Patel (‘17), Chase Ferris (‘17), Taylor Callahan (‘18), and Paul Polson (‘17), have created a bowling team. The team, coached by Gillete’s father, Jerry, is not an official club of Mt. Greylock, but will play against other groups in the county. Director of Athletics Lindsey Von Holtz explained that MIAA, the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association, does not sponsor bowling, “so it is unlikely the group will become [an official] team;” however, the groups can become school sponsored clubs. Von Holtz added that the bowling clubs have not become school sponsored because they do not want to be restricted by the MIAA guidelines. The guidelines include restrictions on academic and attendance standards, a school hired advisor, events with no alcohol present, and others. The team practices at Ken’s Bowl, which the Gillete family purchased in 1991. The bowling club practices on Mondays and their first match is on Friday, December 11 against Drury High School.  This is the first year the team has played in the league, but Patel is confident in his teammates, “I believe our team has the talent, skill, and depth to compete against the other teams in Massachusetts.”

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