Time Capsule placed in New Building

What would you want to be remembered about the “old” Mt. Greylock? Juniors Ella Dudley and Maddie Albert had a few ideas for a time capsule to put in the new school. Students received emails about it, voted for its contents, and saw it on display in the library. But on December 21st, 2017, the finished time capsule found its home in the new building. I went into the new building with Maddy Art, Ella Dudley, and Maddie Albert. After suiting up in hard hats and bright vests we headed in, time capsule in hands. A construction worker greeted us and helped us place the capsule in its new home. The time capsule was a large metal bucket with a note from the student council about the capsule. To name some of its contents, it included a 2016 yearbook, a 1978 yearbook, a newspaper, a schedule, Mr. Bell’s list of student quotes, posters for theatre productions and sporting events, drivers education pamphlets, a tee shirt from Mr.Thistle’s calculus class, a fidget spinner, a rubix cube, and many pictures of students and teachers. It was entombed at the “heart” of the new building. Right as you walk in there front doors there will be a focal point wall, made of paneling from the school’s property. Behind that wall there is empty space, just enough to fit the time capsule. There will be a brass plaque on that wall, stating the presence of a time capsule so it can be reopened when appropriate.

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