Greylock Plays

On Tuesday March 31, Mt. Greylock students and community members packed themselves into the meeting room like sardines to hear the musical talents of Greylock students. To kick off the event, Nicole Jones beautifully sang Paramore’s “The Only Exception,” and Stevie Wonder’s ever-famous “Superstition,” all accompanied by Colby Masse on guitar as well as Geneva LeSage, Isa Hagstrom, and Alex Ciskowski on percussion.

Then math teacher Robert Thistle took the stage with his guitar and voice. Accompanied by the talented Anya Sheldon playing violin, Thistle serenaded the audience with his guitar and crooning voice with Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love.” His next and last song was the touching Irish ballad “I Still Do.” Next came Kevin Aliberti, who shredded it on his electric guitar playing various melodies.

The penultimate performance was Jake Kobrin on vocals, Joe Gais on guitar, and Will Nolan on keyboard. Together they performed a version of the popular Imagine Dragons song, “Demons”. Finally, to finish off the concert, Jack Hydon performed Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” by singing and accompanying himself on keyboard. The half an hour performance was a great success and is a modern Greylock tradition.

The concert was broadcast live by WilliNet is is available on their site:

Organized and hosted by Colby Masse

Produced by Rob Wnuk


  • Nicole Jones, Isa Hagstrom, Alex Ciskowski, Colby Masse, and Geneeva LeSage
  • Bob Thistleand Anya Sheldon
  • Kevin Aliberti
  • Jake Kobrin, Joey Gais and Will Nolan
  • Jack Hydon



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