Peer Team Starts Book Club

Mt. Greylock Peer Team members have created a Book Club for high school and middle school students. Juniors Morgan Pannesco, Maia Hirsch, Emma Polumbo, and Octavia Crowell began the club in hopes of inspiring reading among young students. The majority of students involved are middle schoolers, but all students are welcome and encouraged to join. They made their own bookmarks and are having books shipped in for students’ access. Young bookworms gathered to share their love of reading and acquire fresh ideas for new reads.

Pannesco decided to start this club when she realized that as a member of Peer Team she had the ability to create this program. Peer Team members serve as a resource for younger students to come to when they need help with problems or when they just need someone to talk to. “Mrs. Turner mentioned a book club and it seemed like a good idea, so I talked to Mrs. Barrett about it and she helped put it in action,” Pannesco says. Mrs.Turner was the former Peer Team teacher.

The Club is currently reading The List by Siobhan Vivian, and “plans on reading more books in the future and continuing the club throughout the school year,” Pannesco adds. The List is a fiction novel about a high school and a social competition for which are the “prettiest” girls in the school. Fictional books surrounding high school age are the focus of this club.

The MG Book Club meets in the pit of the library on Fridays during high school lunch. If any students are interested in joining, they should speak with junior Morgan Pannesco.

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