Senior Superlative for the Class of 2018

  • Most Likely to go Double Platinum: Eli Ostheimer and Cedar Keyes
  • Best Eyes: Ric Donati and Elena Cerveira
  • Most Theatrical: Jacob Hane and Grace Kelly
  • Best Personality: Owen Politis and Patty Thistle
  • Worst Case of Senioritis: Nick Carnevale and Gabby Berry
  • Most likely to be a Pro Athlete: Sean McCormick and Lauren Howard
  • Most Comical: Colton Adams and Tenley Smith
  • Biggest Flirt: Reece Gillette and Aleya Cappadona
  • Most School Spirit: Jude Rorke and Ariel Dupis
  • High School Sweethearts: Sam Edge and Patty Thistle
  • Most Likely to Succeed: Sam Culver and Bella Bote
  • Best Dressed: Josh Duncan and Taylor Hofstedt
  • Most Likely to put Others First: Cole Seaman and Lilly Wells
  • Most Creative: Alex Babcock and Madelyn Kocsis
  • Most Likely to Travel the World: John Werner and Maia Hirsch
  • Best Hair: Hoby Macwhinnie and Jade Phair
  • Most Likely to be Late to Graduation: Russell Gates and Frankie Bigelow
  • Separated at Birth: Brady Foehl and Sam Dils, Kristen Aliberti and Gabby Orpin

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