Spring Musical Preview: The Pajama Game

Whit Ellingwood and Madison VanDeurzen contributed to this story.

The Mt. Greylock spring musical is right around the corner. This year’s performance, “The Pajama Game” is a comedy taking place in the 1950s with retro style and quirky characters. Jeffrey Welch returns for his 18th time as director. Due to the construction in the auditorium, Mt. Greylock’s musical will be performed at the 62’ Center in Williamstown for the fourth year in a row. It stars senior Artem Dudko as the charming superintendent of a factory, Sid Sorokin and junior Cedar Keyes as the independent head of the factory’s grievance committee, Babe Williams. Be sure to stop by on March 10th and 11th to see this performance put on by Jeffrey Welch and the talented students of Mt. Greylock. The performances will start at 7pm on both days. Tickets will be sold at the door; 6 dollars for students and seniors and 8 dollars for adults.

The story takes place at the Sleep Tite Pajama Factory, where workers want a seven-and-a-half cent per hour raise but the boss, Mr. Hasler, doesn’t want to give it to them. Love blossoms between Sid Sorokin and Babe Williams, but proves difficult to maintain as the battle for the seven-and-a-half cents puts Sid and Babe on opposite sides of the conflict. Meanwhile, Mr. Hines is in love with Gladys, but becomes jealous of her friendly behavior toward Sid. And Prez is also having trouble getting a girl in the middle of leading the workers as they continue to fight for their seven-and-a-half cents, taking measure after measure to convince Mr. Hasler to grant the raise.

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