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6th Graders Visit Greylock

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Last week on Monday, May 8, sixth graders from around the Tri-District ventured to Mt. Greylock Regional High School for Rise Up Day. Rise Up Day is an event for sixth graders to see what life here at Greylock is like and to learn more about the school they will be attending next year. Peer Team put on the annual Rise Up Day with the help of advisor Rachelle Smith. The incoming sixth graders broke up into groups of kids mixed from different schools. Some of these children currently attend Lanesborough Elementary, Williamstown Elementary, or Hancock Elementary, along with a smattering of students from schools outside of the Tri-District. The visitors then proceeded to do many activities throughout the day such as a tour, outdoor lunch, team building games, group bonding games, and meeting middle school teachers.

Peer Team member Isa Hagstrom remarked that “it’s really important for the sixth graders to get a feel for the school, and not be unknowledgable when they walk through the doors for the first time next year. It’s also the first time they get to interact with students from other schools, which is a good opportunity for them to build friendships.” This event gives sixth graders a warm and open-armed wonderful welcome to Mt. Greylock, and as Hagstrom put it, “it’s a great thing, and it should keep on going.”

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6th Graders Visit Greylock